List Of Exempt Severe Weather Sales Tax Items

There’s an incentive to get you ready for severe weather. Today marked the start of the state sales tax holiday on storm supplies. It’s a sight you probably don’t want to see in Alabama — heavy rain, heavy wind so strong you can barely keep your feet on the ground. But Alabama is no stranger to severe weather. “I’ve lived through 4 or 5 hurricanes that have hit the gulf coast and a lot of people are just not prepared,” Said state senator, Rusty Glover. Sen. Glover says it’s why Alabama continues to have its Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. Severe weather supplies can’t be more than $60 each. “It’s a good thing we have a break. A price break anyways so that we can come in and buy stuff that we need and take care of our animals outside,” Said Montgomery Resident, Terry Gill who bought some items to protect his animals. While Gill saved about 10 percent of what he spent thanks to the sales tax savings, is Alabama saving money? “This is not a big hit,” Said Nancy Dennis with the Alabama Retail Association. It wouldn’t be a big loss to the budget and it really wouldn’t be a big money maker for the retailers. What it is… it’s a lifesaver.” The Alabama Retail Association says the tax-free weekend serves as a reminder to get your supplies. Although the holiday is in its fourth year, state leaders says the price the state pays to give you free sales tax is worth saving a life. “We do need to put a priority on safety and I think this is putting priority on safety,” Said Senator Glover. The sales tax weekend ends Sunday at midnight. EXEMPT ITEMS – $60 or Less, per ITEM • AAA-cell batteries AA-cell batteries C-cell batteries D-cell batteries 6-volt batteries 9-volt batteries • Cellular phone battery • Cellular phone charger • Portable self-powered or battery-powered radio, twoway radio, weatherband radio or NOAA weather radio • Portable self-powered light source, including batterypowered flashlights, lanterns, or emergency glow sticks • Tarpaulin • Plastic sheeting • Plastic drop cloths • Other flexible, waterproof sheeting • Ground anchor system, such as bungee cords or rope, or tiedown kit • Duct tape • Plywood, window film or other materials specifically designed to protect window coverings • Non-electric food storage cooler or water storage container • Non-electric can opener • Artificial ice • Blue ice • Ice packs • Reusable ice • Self-contained first aid kit • Fire extinguisher • Smoke detector • Carbon monoxide detector • Gas or Diesel fuel tank or container

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