Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church Backs the Blue


Law enforcement sits on the front row at Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church.

The Pilgrim Missionary Church in Montgomery is helping the River Region communities Back the Blue in September. Back the Blue is a community wide effort to show support for law enforcement. In a special Sunday service, PMBC honored all deputies, officers and other public safety employees who attended.

About 20 officers came to the service to be honored. They all sat in the front pew of the church and were presented with special plaques for each department present, to thank them for the work. Pastor Walter Ellis says he and his congregation don’t know what the men and women on the force do every day, but they are so thankful they do it.

“It is a risk that they take every day they put on that uniform,” he says. “They have families that love them. They leave home, they don’t know if they’ll return. They don’t know how they’ll return. So I just think that it’s a good time to Back the Blue.”

It’s a month of thank you’s the officers never asked for, but appreciate greatly.

“They realize that we, we are people,” says Director of Public Safety John Richardson. Richardson attends PMBC. “We’re citizens, we live here, we shop here, our kids go to school here. So they see us as who we are as humans. And sometimes we make mistakes, but um, when we make those mistakes we deal with those and we are as transparent as we can be with the public.”

Back the Blue lasts all September long and anyone can participate. You can support officers in your own way by wearing blue on certain days, donating supplies to your local police department and even inviting officers to come speak at your schools and churches.

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