Troy Family Gets Surprise Home Donation

A Troy family is getting a Christmas wish, thanks to the Troy-Pike County Habitat for Humanity and Publix.

Ashley  Barron and her two daughters received a major surprise as they were told they would get a $60,000 donation for a new home.

“We waited for this opportunity for a long time. And I can finally give my family a nice home. My girls deserve it, and I’m very excited and very thankful,” Barron told Alabama News Network moments after learning the news.

“We’re just so pleased to be a part of that excitement. To see Ashley and her children and her mom, you know, to achieve that American dream of having a home where they can continue to grow together and love each other,” Dwaine Stevens of Publix said.

If you would like to volunteer at the Troy-Pike County Habitat for Humanity, call (334) 372-7578.

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