First “Always a Lady Tea” Held at Greenville High School


Students listen to a guest speaker at the Always a Lady Tea at Greenville High School.

Greenville High School held its first “Always a Lady Tea” at the school Tuesday morning. Junior and Senior girls got a chance to hear from female leaders in the community and get advice on finances, professionalism, and how to gain confidence and become successful.

Educators understand students who don’t have strong, present role models often struggle in school and life. It was guidance counselor Tomesha Hamilton’s hope to give the girls some examples of strong women to look up to.

Girls heard from several speakers, including Superintendent Amy Bryan, former educator Linda Hamilton, and Greenville Alumna Ann Steiner.

Hamilton organized the event around the theme of snowflakes. She says every girl is beautiful and unique, like a snowflake, and should be celebrated.

“Snowflakes are different, you know?” she says. “And we each will have days that are not so good. But if we are willing to work through it, it could come out – and we work together! We can always create something beautiful.”

This was the first year Greenville High hosted the Tea, but Hamilton hopes to make it an annual event.

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