Selma Sued Over Sale of Historic St. James Hotel

wal-selmahotel-pkgFrom the West Alabama Newsroom–

The historic St. James Hotel in Selma is once again at the center of controversy.

A company that wanted to buy the hotel from the city is now suing the city in federal court for breach of contract.

City leaders are calling the lawsuit frivolous because they say there was never a contract to be breached.

The city council voted to accept an offer from the company to buy the hotel initially, but rescinded the vote after allegations of questionable business practices surfaced, involving the buyer.

“Under the law, as I understand it, to buy and sell real estate, for it to be valid and enforcible, there has to be a contract,” said Councilwoman Susan Keith.

“It has to be in writing and there was no contract, ever.”

The forty two room historic landmark appraised at over nine hundred thousand dollars and its currently listed with a real estate broker.

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