Sunday Night Shooting Leaves Two Injured, One Dead

Two Sunday night shootings in Greenville leaves two men injured and one dead. Greenville Police say the shootings happened in a short time frame, and the second shooting happened just as they were processing the first scene.

“Normally a violent act like that will be once in a rare occasion,” says Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn. “And to have two, really within 15 minutes of each other, was definitely really unusual.”


Derick Powell, Courtesy of Greenville Police

The first shooting happened on Bell Lane at around 7:55 p.m. Derick Powell of Greenville was arrested and charged with the murder of the still unnamed man. Greenville Police say they are also investigating another suspect in the case.

The second shooting happened on Flowers Street at around 8:05 p.m. The suspect fled Flowers Street and headed a block over to Grayson Street, and hid from police in a house.

“We were just checking to make sure no one could get out or get away before we obtained that search warrant to go into the residence,” remembers Lovvorn. “And it was right about that time that we heard seven or eight shots come from the front of the residence, out the front window toward our direction. We had just gotten the civilians cleared of the area, thank goodness, before that happened. But we were still in the process of getting ourselves back to an area of safety.”

Lovvorn says after some time, the suspect came out of the house and was arrested.


Patrick Crenshaw, Courtesy of the Butler County Jail

The second shooter is Patrick Crenshaw of Greenville. Crenshaw is charged with eight counts of attempted murder; one for the original incident on Flowers St, another for shooting an unarmed man at the Grayson St. home, and the other six for shooting at the officers at the scene.

Crenshaw is being held in the Butler County Jail on a $2.4 million bond.

While the shootings did happen close to one another, Lovvorn believes them to be completely unrelated. He also says the evidence shows both crimes are connected to drugs, but that the public has nothing to worry about.

“There’s not anyone out there just targeting random individuals. It was people who knew each other that had dealings with each other, and for one reason or another it got out of hand and turned into this.”

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