Local Residents React on Israel

This week, President-Elect Donald Trump fired back on the Obama Administration over Israel.

After not voting in the UN’s resolution condemning Israel’s settlements, the administration is receiving criticism from Trump who has been very vocal on the issue. He recently stated in a tweet for Israel to “Stay strong. January 20th is fast approaching.” People locally have very strong opinions on both officials in the issue.

“I  don’t think it’s going to be as easy as just him saying yes, i’m going to fix it. i think it will take a lot of hard work and i don’t know if it will be something that will done overnight,” says Kenny Hill of Troy.

“It’s a really big mistake for us not to support them-from a biblical stand-point but also being a good neighbor to the world helping folks,” says Jared Stone of Troy.

Wednesday Trump did not directly respond on whether Israel should stop building settlements. He stated, “Countries that are horrible places never get reprimanded.”


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