Repairs Begin for Pike County Jail

After ongoing structural issues at the Pike County Jail..County officials have finally started repairs on the facility.

The jail has experienced roofing leaks, interior corrosion and walls separating. Since repairs have started, the parapet at the top of the jail has been removed to avoid the top from falling in. Beams have been placed to stabilize the walls. The jail was built to house 40 inmates but it houses 60 inmates. Officials say, while the repairs are definitely needed they are hoping for a new jail in the future.

“We need a new updated facility. This one is so old we don’t have the means to isolate people, to separate inmates. Certain people can’t be around other inmates and it’s hard to do that with this jail,” says Jail Administrator, Kelley Barron.

Repairs for the county’s jail is just over $49,000.

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