Greenville Business Celebrates 70 Years, Wins Business of the Month Award

Adams scrubs a shirt collar before sending it off to be cleaned and pressed.

Jane Majors Adams spent almost every day growing up in the dry cleaning business her father owned.

“I had grown up in this place. All my life, he had me back in the back, working when I was 15 years old,” she remembers. “You know, I mean, it was just like my family.”

Adams’ grandfather, John Majors, opened Majors Laundry and Cleaners in 1947. Her father, Allen Majors, purchased the business from his father in 1962. He ran the business until 1992, when he gave his daughter an ultimatum.

“He said, either you buy it, or you… I’m gonna shut the door. And I really didn’t want that to happen.”

So Adams and her husband moved from Dothan back home to Greenville to take over the business. Majors has been open since John Majors first opened the doors, totaling 70 years in the Camellia City.

Adams did sell the business in 2006, but couldn’t stay away. She bought the business back in 2014 to continue her family’s legacy.

“We have people that come in who remember my dad, from years ago you know?” she laughs. “And they’ll tell me about how good my dad was to them and I hope that I can live up to his expectations.”

Now her father has something else to be proud of: Majors won the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce’s first ever award for Business of the Month in the city. Chamber representatives say they started the initiative to give local businesses a little more encouragement.

Adams stands between racks of clothing hanging up in the back of the store.

Adams knows her father would be delighted his business was still a household name in Greenville, 70 years after it all began.

“He would be very proud. He would be happy. I mean, just beside himself,” she says. She also says she owes all the success to the loyal customers who have been coming in for more than seven decades.

Adams isn’t sure how much longer she’ll be running Majors. But she says if her customers keep coming in, she’ll be behind the counter.

To nominate a business for Greenville’s Business of the Month award, you can call the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce at (334)382-3251.


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