Greenville Police Upping Patrols to Combat Crime in 2017

Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn has one major New Year’s resolution: make Greenville a safer place.

Lovvorn says the numbers for crimes in 2016 aren’t in yet, but believes they’ll be similar to 2015 statistics. He wants to lessen the numbers in 2017, and has a good idea of how to do that.

Lovvorn is upping police presence throughout the city, but his plan doesn’t end there. Each officer has a set route they patrol daily; Lovvorn calls them “concentrated patrol areas.” They need to get out and speak to local business owners, talk to people walking by, and check in with everyone they see.

Lovvorn’s also increasing patrols in areas known for criminal activity, to hopefully stop crimes before they even happen.

“A lot of the time, just being seen and known that we’re going to be in that area will help prevent and reduce anything that has been going on,” Lovvorn explains.

Reducing crime in the city is Lovvorn’s goal for the year, but he says he can’t do it alone.

“The community involvement is, like I said, pertinent to our job,” he says. “We have to work together. And they have to be our eyes and ears. There’s a lot we do on our own and are able to prove on our own, but our job is so much easier when we have the community involvement, and have their support.”

To reach the Greenville Police Department, call (334) 382-7461.

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