Growing Greenville: How to Move Big Businesses into a Small Town

Moving large businesses into smaller towns isn’t easy. Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon says economic development can be hard, but it’s one of his favorite parts of the job.

He says marketing smaller cities like Greenville is difficult, but he’s lucky that Greenville has a few major selling points. The biggest two McLendon uses is the city’s location on the Interstate and the available work force he says the companies would have if they moved in.

The process can take time – McLendon says it can take months, sometimes years to get just a maybe from larger corporations. The payoff, however, is worth all the work he says. Some businesses McLendon’s helped bring into the city employee up to 800 residents.

“To walk through the plant, see people working, have them speak to you, and know that you had a little something to do with them coming and you helped work on it, it’s a great thing,” McLendon says.

McLendon says he has a few companies in line to move into Greenville, but until plans are finalized he can’t give out many details.

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