Suspect Sketch Deemed Not Credible in Shannon Paulk Case

It’s been 16 years since Shannon Paulk disappeared from her Candlestick Park mobile home.
Those in Prattville say they remember this case well.

“I didn’t think that something like that would happen because Prattville is such a small town. Even though it’s growing now, it was smaller back then and I didn’t think something like that would happen,” said Kimberly McKinney.

Now a Grand Jury has been impaneled, DA Randall Houston says they are finding out new information.
“Because the news stories are running, people are seeing it on Facebook and social media, we are getting a lot of good leads. We consider every lead a good lead even if it doesn’t pan out. People are calling in and trying to help. So we want people to continue to do that. My fear is, and fear of the cold case unit is, that some people may have not called things in because they said the person doesn’t look anything like what that composite looks like,” said Houston.

But now Houston says the composite sketch they have used for 16 years is actually not credible at all.

“Some of the witnesses we relied on 16 years ago were children, now they are adults,” said Houston.

While he wouldn’t go into more detail, he does see it as a good thing.

“We consider it a turning point in the investigation because now we know what we are not looking for. For 16 years, we were looking for one thing and now we know we have to go in another direction, so it’s a positive,” said Houston.
And so now the investigation continues into the mystery of what happened to Shannon Paulk.
“I know if it was my family, I’d still be looking even if it’s been so many years ago. I’d still continue to look because that was somebody’s baby,” said McKinney.

If you have any information in this case, call the Prattville Police Dept. at (334)595-0244. If you leave a message, you are asked to include your name and phone number.

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