Divide Among Alabama House Republicans

As House members are getting back into the state’s business, some within the party are questioning the leadership.

Representative Ed Henry says that House GOP members nearly voted their majority leader, Representative Mickey Hammon, out of his position this week during a caucus meeting.

“Down here there are at least 35 of their republican house members who are not satisfied with the direction of their state government, our governor, attorney general who’s been appointed to the us senate, or what’s going on inside the republican caucus,” said Rep. Henry.

Henry says many in the party are worried about any possible corruption going on in the state.

He also says the party has a watered down plan this year and it needs to get back to a true conservative agenda.

Henry says that all starts with Majority Leader Hammond.

“He’s never been around, he’s never been available. Most of the new members have never met him, never had a conversation with him. There’s no guidance and I have some grave concerns about some businesses he’s been involved in,” said Rep. Henry.

The biggest change in leadership is new House Speaker Mac McCutcheon. But Henry says the speaker is doing a great job leading the entire chamber, and it’s the majority leader’s job to organize republicans.

Speaker McCutcheon says lawmakers aren’t supposed to talk about what happens in their caucus meetings, but the House is working well so far.

“From my perspective, the members are working very well with me. We’re focused on the issues that we’ve got so from that it would be hard to go any further without talking caucus business,” said Speaker McCutcheon.

Rep. Hammon was not available to talk Thursday.

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