“Slow” President’s Day at Lake Martin

Blue skies, sunshine, and warm weather…the perfect recipe for a day out at the lake. Many spent part of their long weekend at Lake Martin, but there were very few out on Monday.

Lynn Naile owner of Nail’s Convenience Store says she usually gets a good amount of business from lake goers on national and state holidays. But President’s Day is different. She says “if they are a Monday holiday then all of the restaurants around here are closed so we do get a lot of business because people like to come up to the lake on pretty days.”

Despite the beautiful weather, she was not expecting to see many people out at the lake. She says “it’s good fishing weather but not good for skiing and boating and swimming right now we’ve got to warm up, plus the water levels are still down”

But that didn’t stop, Rebecca Mann from spending her day off down by the water.  She says “oh I love the weather, this is February you know, anytime its this beautiful in the winter time I like to get out and enjoy it.”

She was surprised that she was the only one in sight at Lake Martin, saying “I don’t know, i really don’t know why you wouldn’t have more people…I imagine you know it is still the winter time and people are on that schedule, you know the children are still in school and people are at work and most people don’t have the day off”.

Mann believes that if some of the restaurants around the lake stayed open on Mondays,  it might encourage more people to stick around on long weekends.


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