“A Living Hope”: The Legacy of Rhonda Adair

“I can feel the prayers….because I would not be able to go through this so calm and so peaceful had people not been praying for me,” Rhonda Adair.

We interviewed Rhonda Adair last December right after her baby Anna Parker was born.
She knew where her strength came from and she was ready for what may come.

As her health deteriorated, her faith never wavered.

“I think the best thing somebody said to Robyn earlier is that this story has made them want to love Jesus like Doodie loved Jesus,” said Rhonda’s sister-in-law, Paige Harrison.

A Facebook group was formed.
With thousands of members joining each week, she quickly became “A Living Hope.”

“We got a birthday card in the mail that we were reading that shared their own story of their struggle with addiction and that her story and her faith showed her they had the strength and the faith to overcome that addiction,” said Harrison.

Billboards could be seen around town, T-shirts were made and sold to support the family.
On Rhonda’s 29th birthday, Millbrook City officials proclaimed this day as “Rhonda Adair” Day.
And, unfortunately, she passed away that same morning.

“The young lady fought so hard and for her life and in doing so, she inspired a lot of other people,” said Mayor Al Kelley.

And now her family says Rhonda’s legacy of “A Living Hope” will remain.

“We hope that we are faithful to carry on her legacy to let her girls know what an amazing and strong mama they had, and to also point them to Jesus because that is our responsibility is now…. We are so proud of her and also so thankful for the promise in Christ it’s not death to die. And that because of that promise, we have the promise of eternal life but also the promise of seeing her again. We look forward to that,” said Harrison.

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