Montgomery Immigration Consultant Discusses H-1B Visas on 60 Minutes


Local immigration consultant Jay Palmer, says he gets calls from people around the world about  H-1B workers. It’s a non-immigrant visa in the U.S that provides employement for foreign workers. Palmer believes the progrm is being abused and Sunday his stance on the issue airs on 60 Minutes. The segment is about H-1B workers coming to the united states replacing Americans. Palmer believes it’s because those workers are low wages.

“For example workers would come over and if you had been working somewhere at a large company for twenty years you would have to train your replacement in order to get your pension, keep your insurance, or you would be fired immediately for not following policy,” says Palmer

Palmer says he and other panelists discuss how major companies have done exactly that.

“Disney is one of the biggest ones right now that has replaced American workers. There are several companies up in northeastern United States where electrical cooperative companies have replaced their workers,” says Palmer.

Among Palmer’s views on H-1B Visas, panelist share their own personal stories.

“The segment has some compelling stores of people who have lost everything. They’ve lost their houses, they lost their jobs, all in the name of big corporate greed. They’ve lost their houses, they lost their jobs, all in the name of big corporate greed,” says Palmer.

Palmer says the issue is a wake-up call for America.

“Really what I think I got the most out of it was some of the people that I had met and talked to over the phone for the last couple of years, that had been laid off – I got to meet them face to face,” says Palmer.

But what is the final solution?

“We need to stop the h1visa program,” says Palmer.

Palmer believes it’s very simple.

“I’m not against it but it needs to be stopped until we’ve reformed,” says Palmer.

The 60 Minutes segment featuring  Palmer airs Sunday on CBS 8 at 6 pm

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