NAACP Rallies For Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Resignation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was one of the earliest Trump supporters during the campaign.

He now sits as the highest law enforcement official in the country.

But the Alabama NAACP said at a Montgomery rally that he needs to step down after failing to disclose meetings with the Russian ambassador when questioned during his confirmation hearing.

“Because this matter has the potential to be a real serious stain not only on this nation of ours, but it has the potential to be a stain on Alabama where Sessions calls home. He needs to do the honorable thing and say hey folks, I’m stepping down,” said Bobby Mays, Elmore County NAACP President.

Sessions has already taken some action, removing himself from the investigation into last year’s election.

“I believe those recommendations are right and just and therefore I have recused myself from matters that deal with the Trump campaign,” said the Attorney General.

“I applaud him for that. But he did that only after the heat was turned up. Doing that does not answer the other question. Just like the answer to Sen. Frankin wasn’t answered. He lied, there ain’t no other way to say it,” said Mays.

The NAACP has been calling for Sessions to be removed from the day he was nominated, citing alleged racist comments.
But now they feel the situation is even more serious.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have continued to show nothing but support for Attorney General Sessions.

“The president and I have full confidence in the attorney general he is a man of integrity,” said Vice President Pence.

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