City of Troy Dedicates Two New Connector Roads

It’s been 30 years in the making, but Trojan Parkway and John H. Witherington Drive are busy with traffic and could be another area for businesses.

“We meet daily on different things where people are looking. I think there are people in the crowd today who are looking at placing businesses here,” says Mayor Jason Reeves.

The opening of Publix and other businesses in the Park Place shopping center opens the door for more development.

“It’s certainly done what we thought it would do which is show developers and people who are looking to invest in a community that troy’s a community to invest in,” says Reeves.

Former council president John Witherington has the honor of one of the roads named after him. Serving the city for over 30 years, Mayor Reeves says Witherington is part of Troy’s past and future.

“He was really a rock and foundation for our city government,” says Reeves.

“To have an opportunity to be a small link in that chain to make it happen is very gratifying to me. I certainly wasn’t expecting the mayor and the council to do this,” says Witherington.

Now, this milestone for the city of troy gives hope for bigger opportunities.

“All of this will eventually develop and as time goes by, I think we’ll see many, many new businesses, new jobs,” says Reeves.

Trojan Parkway and John H. Witherington Drive, part of the Enzor Road Connector Project is a 8 million dollar project for the city of Troy.

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