Electricians Warn about Dock Safety

As summertime arrives in Alabama electricians are warning lake-goers to check their docks before they jump in the water.

“There’s not really a warning sign,” explained electrician Barry Duck.

He says in most cases victims don’t realize the water isn’t safe until it’s too late.  For that reason he’s inspecting more and more docks this time of year.

Jimmy Pool has a house at Lake Martin and had Duck inspect his dock Friday.

“He did a little bit of touch up work on it,” he shared, “but it was safe.”

He’s decided to have his dock checked every year before he lets anyone get in the water.

Dock inspections usually cost $50-$60 and last around 30 minutes.  Prices vary if your dock needs to be rewired.

For more information on electric shock drowning click here.

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