Alabama Lions High School Leadership Forum Aims to Promote Service Among Students

Volunteers are ready to change the lives of over 200 students. It’s all part of the Alabama Lions High School Leadership program to give students a better grasp of their tomorrow.

“Hopefully us telling them about our service and trying to draw up their leadership abilities, that they can take that home and do more service in their communities and around their schools,” says group leader Austin Peacock.

Group leaders are college students and grads from across the state and volunteers from Lions Club of Alabama part of the largest service club internationally.

“We as Lion volunteers come to guide them-to be here if they need assistance for anything. we’re here to assist them,” says Linda Ziglar.

The forum is packed with hands-on activities and group discussions that volunteers believe could have a big impact.

“We think think that this is so important that we can give them a little bit that we an cram into one weekend to give them guidance about their future,” says Ziglar.

For some group leaders. last year’s forum taught them what to expect this year.

“This year, i’m super prepared. I’ve brought external games to play. i’m super prepared to learn how about their experience with service and figure out where they are at in their life,” says group leader Andrea Medders.

They believe it’s something that could have a ripple effect among students.

“They are our leadership for tomorrow,” says Ziglar.

High school students attending this weekend’s forum also have the opportunity to receive college scholarships.

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