Former Selma City Employee Takes First Step in Lawsuit

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A former Selma city employee has filed a six figure — verified notice of claim against the city and Mayor Dario Melton.

Former Planning and Development Director Gerald Chestnut is claiming $100,000 dollars in damages from the city due to civil fraud.

“Its step number one in a lawsuit,” said Julian McPhillips, the attorney representing Chestnut in the matter.

“I think Ms. Chestnut is a very honorable person and I think its very dishonorable what happened to her, the way she was treated by the city of Selma and its mayor.”

McPhillips said Chestnut moved back to her hometown to take the job after being lured from her home in Los Angeles by Melton with a guarantee of at least a two year tenure.

“But when she got here or got there she discovered after a couple of months the mayor was not getting along with the city council, was not even going to the meetings. And she advised him that he should go to the city council and try to get along with them for the betterment of Selma,” he said.

“According to her, Melton would not do that and then up and told her that he didn’t want her to work any longer after another few weeks. This ran totally contrary to the guarantee that she said she received from the mayor to work at the city of Selma for at least two years.”

Alabama News Network offered Melton the opportunity to respond to the claim on camera but he declined.

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