Celebrating Juneteenth at the Rosa Parks Museum

While the Rosa parks Museum makes efforts to inform others of history every day, this weekend museum coordinators want people to know the significance of Juneteenth.

“It’s a celebration of freedom, a celebration of being American so we want to celebrate that here at the rosa parks museum,” says Felicia Bell, Director of the Rosa Parks Museum.

The day is recognized for ending slavery in America on June 19, 1865.

For the Rosa Parks Museum, it’s also a time to enlighten people in Montgomery about the civil rights movement with a free tour.

“I’d heard about it before and I wanted to make sure that I had an opportunity to take a look,” says John Hass.

For some, It’s a history lesson for the family.

“We would just like them to learn the things that we went through so we could be aware. Hopefully it doesn’t come back again but if so they can be aware and know what happened and explain to their kids someday,” says Betty Taylor.

What stands out the most to people during the celebration, while walking the halls of this museum?

“The reinforcement of showing the inhumane things people do to each other. We know that we have to have that reinforcement, that visual image to stop those things from happening in the future,” says Cliff Patton.

Coordinators believe understanding this history allows for a better future.

“We want to celebrate the achievement of civil rights, all civil rights in the United States,” says Bell.

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