Congressman Mo Brooks Campaigns For U.S. Senate Seat In Montgomery

With just over a month away from the election for the Senate seat previously held by Jeff Sessions, candidates are busy trying to reach as many voters as possible.

Mo Brooks has made his way through several counties in the area as part of his campaign tour for the U.S. Senate. The congressman says that his record in over 30 years of government is what he hopes will resonate with voters. “I’m the only candidate in the race with a record of proven conservative leadership that people can look at and trust as an indicator, of what I’ve done in the past , which means that’s what I’ll do in the future” explained Brooks.

Though well known in the Northern Alabama, Brooks says he’s still keeping up with candidates with ties to Central Alabama, noting that the bulk of his campaigning has been below interstate 20. He says “Roy Moore and Luther Strange have been fairly constant in their polling numbers….there’s a little bit of movement one way or the other depending on the poll but I’ve more than doubled my support in the few weeks that this election has been going”.

A few headlines made mention of Brooks of the after the GOP Baseball shooting in Alexandria Virginia. He was on the field when a shooter opened fire at a practice for the charity baseball game. Political analyst Steve flowers says Brooks’ campaign has benefited from the incident,which Brooks does not completely deny.

He explains “the baseball shooting has impressed in front of Alabama voters how I act in a time of crisis , when under a great stress as you would be when you’ve got 80 to 100 bullets flying around you I think that goes to my character and perhaps that is something that people in the state of Alabama want in Washington DC”.

The primary will take place on August 15th.

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