A Year Later: Pike County Lake Generates Thousands

On a day-to-day basis Jacob Shirley sees people from across the area come in to this bait shop for a day on the lake in Pike County.

“We’ve had people from Coffee County, Montgomery County. We’ve also had several come from Florida. If they’re passing through they’ll stop in and check it out,” says Shirley.

The lake re-opened last year following renovations. It’s something county officials worked on for years to make a reality. Now, a year in officials say over 7,000 people have visited the lake bringing in over $71, 000 with fishing and another $2,500 in reservations for the lake’s conference room.

“It’s been very popular, a lot of people are coming out early in the mornings and late in the afternoons and on weekends,” says Dan Smith, Director of Troy Parks and Recreation.

After renovations the lake was restocked with bass. Officials say, since last year, the bass have grown from one pound to four and five pounds.

“As the fish get bigger, we know that the popularity is going to increase,” says Smith.

While the summer is filled with activities, officials believe the lake serves as something different for Pike County.

“We always say everyone does not play baseball and softball so you’ve got to have recreation opportunities for families other than team sports,” says  Smith.

It’s that idea that keeps makes Pike County Lake a popular place.

“It’s drawn people together, brought them into the county again,” says Shirley.

If you’re thinking about visiting Pike County Lake, it’s open each day of the week except Wednesdays from sunrise until sunset.

If you would like to know more information about Pike County Lake, you can contact (334) 674-2480.


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