Future of L.V Stabler Memorial Hospital

More than 200 people are employed at L.V Stabler Memorial Hospital and they could soon see changes in ownership after the city considers to buy in on healthcare, by owning the hospital.

“Our community is growing, good things are happening. You take a hospital out and then you have problems,” says Mayor Dexter Mclendon.

To keep adequate healthcare in top knotch condition, the city is partnering with one of the state’s well known names in the medical community-UAB.

“The only reason why we’re doing this is because we can team up with a wonderful, wonderful place like uab which is the best in the state of alabama in my opinion,” says McClendon.

“Working in healthcare is tough nowadays. The reimbursement mechanisms get more and more difficult. So having a strong strategic partner such as the city and of course uab helps us work through those difficult times of financial reimbursement,” says Donny Renfro, CEO of L.V Stabler Memorial Hospital.

Mayor Mclendon says, this may be one of the worst times to own a hospital. But he believes a change has to happen, especially after former governor Robert Bentley’s rejected Medicaid expansion for the state under the affordable care act 5 years ago.

When the governor didn’t take medicaid money that was offered at that time, it really hurt counties like us. The reason we are standing here right now is because of those decisions and we have got to have a hospital and we’re going to have the best we can for Greenville,” says Mclendon.

Mclendon is hoping to turn that negativive into a positive, in order to keep the doors of the city’s hospital from closing .

“Can you imagine somebody in wilcox county looking at trying to figure out if they’re going to transfer to Baptist or Jackson in Montgomery and say “Why do we just transfer them to UAB in Greenville?” that sends a big message,” says Mclendon.

An opportunity for better healthcare, something he feels is much needed…

“We feel like it’s the best thing to do for our community.”

Right now the amount the city is investing in the hospital is undisclosed because of the letter of intent. Mayor McClendon hopes to release that information once everything is finalized.


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