New Alley Park, Restaurants Coming to Dexter Ave

Plans for Downtown Montgomery are coming along as a new gathering space will soon open.
It’s called Dexter Alley Park located on lower Dexter Avenue.
It will also lead to the city parking deck with loft apartments overlooking the space. Architect John Foshee says it will involve a place to hang out with new restaurants opening soon.

“We are very excited about construction coming to a close here very quickly. Maybe in August or so is when we are planning to debut the new alley. We are going to have shops that open up on the alley. Things such as Frios Popsicles, Alabama Sweet Tea Company as well as Momma Goldberg’s Deli,” said Foshee.

Foshee says its roughly 25 feet by 125 feet long and will house 50 to 100 people comfortably.

“We hope people will come and bring their dogs and sit at the tables and eat food and come to all the vendors. And it will be a great public space,” said Foshee.
City officials say you can expect more restaurants popping up downtown in the near future.

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