Thousands Participate in Church of the Highlands’ Serve Day 2017

It’s nothing new for members of the Church of the Highlands to team up in the summer to make a difference.

The annual day of giving back is something volunteers say always look forward to.

Food given away to families during Serve Day, is staying local-to help people in Montgomery who are in need. After registering, families filled their trunks with they food they need.

“We’ve got a line of folks coming in on both sides,” says volunteer Jason Wohlford.

By the end of the day $53, 000 pounds of food will be given away.

This is just one project of many, part of the Church of the Highlands’ Serve Day.

“We realize that there’s a lot of people in our city who are hungry and who are going to bed at night without food,” says Chris Erwin, Montgomery Campus Pastor of the Church of the Highlands.

That’s why this assembly line of volunteers is not slowing down until they fill that need.

“The bible says help those in need and so that’s what we’re doing here today,” says Wohlford.

While most members have volunteered for years, for some it’s their first time participating in a day, that they find fulfilling.

“I’m new to the church and I just want to get involved and help out the community. It’s a good thing that my children can come out and they can participate and it’s good to teach them to give back,” says volunteer Lakristie Echols.

From tons of food in this mobile pantry to building and restoring for different organizations, people volunteering in serve day 2017 believe they are setting an example for others watching ad for those on the receiving end.

“They’re grateful and they’re just happy that somebody’s giving back to them,” says Echols.

For this year’s Serve Day, Church of the Highlands partnered with neighbors in Christ and the City of Montgomery for their mobile food pantry.










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