Evacuees Return Home After Time in River Region

As damage assessments continue in the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Irma, evacuees are leaving local storm shelters in the Montgomery area.

Many families have taken shelter in at the American Red Cross Shelter at the Dunn-Oliver Acadome at Alabama State University, and many headed back home Monday.

“We left with the mentality that we were going to be homeless when we went back,” explained Marlene Camacho.


She evacuated with her family from the Homestead, Florida, but they’ve been through hurricanes before.

“We’ve gotten flooded, we’ve stayed without light for at least a week from hurricanes, but we’ve never really had to evacuate,” she added.


Lorna Washington is also loading up for a long drive home to the Fort Myers area, but she’s not exactly sure what she’ll find.

“I just got a call, I talked to my neighbor and his roof came off partially and parts of my roof, just the tiles thank God,” Washington said.

Both are grateful for the hospitality they’ve found in the River Region.

The American Red Cross says they will keep the shelter open as long as it is needed.

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