Michael Sentance Steps Down As State School Board Superintendent

The State School board of education is now in need of a new superintendent, with the resignation of Michael Sentance earlier Wednesday. Sentance was facing a possible vote to remove him by board member at Thursday’s state school board meeting.

During his time as superintendent Sentance has received some push back from state and Montgomery Public School board members on some of his decisions in the in the midst of the MPS intervention. Officials felt he wasn’t being open enough with his plans for moving the district forward.

Sentence even received low marks for communicating in recent evaluations handed down by state board members.

Sentance’s resignation letter says in part, “I am humbled and appreciative of the opportunity to serve as state superintendent in Alabama”. And “there are many good things happening in public education in this state. My hope is that Alabama makes educating all children the state’s highest priority, allowing the state to make significant educational gains and truly becoming the jewel of the south that it has the ability to become”.

Some Montgomery Public School board members, are calling his resignation a sigh of relief.”I’m pleased that maybe we can move forward, I’m thinking that there have been barricades that we have not been made aware of that were impacting the progress of the intervention” says  Eleanor Dawkins. Fellow Montgomery school board member, Arica Watkins, explains “we always got the message that they were in charge and we were to take a back seat”.

Governor Ivey also released a statement on Sentance’s resignation, saying in part:
“I do not take this situation lightly, and as President of the State Board of Education, I will ask the Board to accept his resignation”. Also, “we will use the pending resignation of the state superintendent as an opportunity to move forward and begin a new chapter in public education”.

Sentance’s resignation is effective immediately and right now there’s no word on who will take over superintendent duties, but it’s likely that it will be discussed at Thursday’s state school board meeting.

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