$5,000 Worth In CDs and DVDs Confiscated


By Amanda Wade

Investigators say they confiscated nearly $5,000 worth of illegally recorded CDs and DVDs from a Greenville man.

Police are counting more than 425 bootleg CDs and DVDs they say Archie Demings was selling. He's in the Butler County Jail charged with illegally distributing these recordings.
Investigators say this is not Demings first time being charged with this crime, "We're petitioning the judge for a lot harsher penalty this time because apparently he didn't get the message the first time, so we're going to go after him pretty hard this time," says, Lt. Justin Lovvorn of the Greenville Police Department.
Investigators say some of the DVDs were full length movies that have not even been released yet. They say they believe he is getting these recordings from Atlanta and bringing them to Greenville to copy and sell, which hurts local businesses that have a license to sell movies and music. 
The Edge 8 Theater General Manager, Michael Nimmer, says, "Obviously if people are not coming through the door, they are not going to be buying concessions, and it has a tremendous impact on us, there is no question that piracy in this industry has hurt us tremendously."
Demings is being held on $10,000 bond, and because this is a felony he could face up to 10 years in jail if he's convicted. 
The Directors Guild of America reports that 375,000 jobs each year are lost to piracy, costing American workers nearly 16 billion dollars in earnings. 
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