Abused Horses Taken To New Home


By Catalina Trivino

Butler County deputies arrest a woman for animal cruelty. They say they found her horses in poor condition... and starved. But they're getting a second chance at life -- we followed their journey to their new home. It's video you'll only see on Alabama News Network.

The first thing these horses did as soon as they hopped out of the trailer was eat. They didn't stop for hours while our news crew was there. The horses were up to 200 lbs. underweight, skin on bone with hips and ribs protruding from their bodies.

Meet Abby -- she's not a fan of trailers and is the youngest of the three mares; there's also Zoey, who couldn't wait to hop out of the trailer; the oldest is Nana -- and they're all going to their new home.

Butler County Sheriff, Kenny Harden, says that's because they were found starved at a home and now Annette Tomlin has been charged with Cruelty to Animals.

"Small pen with no grass in it at all and when we went out there, there was no hay. The day we did go over there to pick the horses up after we got the order, they actually had purchased two rolls of hay," Said Harden.

But there was a fourth horse -- deputies say the horse was so weak, he couldn't stand up and the veterinarian had to put him down.

The horses were taken to an undisclosed location, a place where Travis Kidd says he will bring them back to health.

He says he plans to give them lots of food and lots of love, so they can grow big and strong in their new backyard.

"We will make sure they have plenty of feed and water and make sure they eat good hay and we will worm them and stuff that you would do just like any animal. We will love them more than anything," Said Kidd.

The horses and its new owners were set together thanks to the Butler County Humane Society. Deputies say there could be additional arrests.

Deputies also tell us more and more people are failing to feed their horses because of the economy and there is not a market for them. While that's still not an excuse to leave them starved, they're asking the public to notify authorities when they see a case of animal abuse.

That's how they found this group of horses.





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