Candy Snorting Trend Worries Pike Co. Parents


By Sarah Cantey

 An alert for parents- it's a trend gaining momentum not only across the country, but in our coverage area. Kids are snorting pixy stix.

It's a harmless candy but ingesting it that way is not only mimicking illegal drug use but also can be harmful. 
A YouTube search pulls up more than 3,000 hits of kids snorting Pixy Stix. It's a trend gaining momentum in Pike County. 
Troy Police Lieutenant Bryan Weed said, "No region, no state, no county, no city, is outside of these events or trends coming to their community."
That's why some schools like Goshen Elementary are trying to be proactive to keep this trend out of their classrooms. Lt. Weed said, "They have asked out to come down there and speak to their students about the consequences of decisions they make and some of the things they face in the world today."
Talking about things like the Pixy Stix craze. There is no drug-like high from snorting them, but authorities worry it could lead to something else. "It glamorizes the use of illegal street narcotics which is by itself something we don't want," Lt. Weed said. 
Darren Smith, a parent said, "it's a matter of time before they got the Pixy Stix and take the powder out and try to sniff that. I mean it's just terrible I don't know what we can stop this."
Shantrice Tarvar, a parent said, "My child she's young, she's 3, she's not in school yet but I don't want that to be going around now. And then she gets in preschool and then sniffing Pixy Stix going to do what other kids are doing."
Authorities say it can cause infections in sinuses and even your lungs. Police say parents should stay on top of these trends and keep track of what their children are doing. 
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