City Employees Learn How To React In Active Shooter Situation


By Sarah Cantey

 It seems like almost every week we hear of another mass shooting. So the city of Troy wants to make sure their employees are prepared for the worst. 

Today the Troy Police Department put on an active shooter presentation. 
It included a run, hide, fight video created by the Department of Homeland Security. Officers wanted to prepare employees on how to deal with an active shooter. Because they say even though their response times are quick, it's still not necessarily quick enough to prevent deaths by 100 percent. 
Lt. Greg Wright, active shooter instructor said, "Don't present yourself as an easy target. Don't just cower down and hide and think that a person in that mindset is going to give into you, because they are not. You have to commit to the fight and fight 100 percent to be a survivor."
There was a second portion for just 911 dispatchers on how to respond to calls of an active shooter, since they are the first line of defense for police. 
They went over special tactics officers would use, so dispatchers know what to expect. 
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