Easton Corbin Headlines At Opp's Rattlesnake Rodeo


By Amanda Wade

Opp's 54th annual Rattlesnake Rodeo is underway, and the headlining performer, Easton Corbin, is one of the biggest acts in years. We are the only station that talked to him about his trip to the city of Opportunity.

"You know some of my favorite places to play are the little small town festivals, because for me it makes me feel at home because this is exactly the kind of atmosphere I come from, a small town, which that's the greatest place in the world," says Corbin.

Corbin is releasing his third album this year called, "Clockwork." He says he has never been this close to a rattlesnake, "They didn't let me hold him, I didn't know if I actually wanted to hold him, but I did get to touch him and that's about as close as I'd ever gotten to one, and probably as close as I'll ever get to one!"

Opp's mayor says the rodeo is expected to bring more than $60,000 to the city, which will be used for events throughout the year. United States Senator, Jeff Sessions, says that helps the whole community, "People come in and staying in the hotels, and buying and spending in town, so it's good economically, but I think it's really special just for the community to come together."

And the spirit of community is what family members of J.P. Jones, the man who started the Rattlesnake Rodeo, says means the most to them, "Daddy's legacy lives on through the snake rodeo every year, and it's been 54 years. It brings him back, you know? It brings our family together," says relatives, Laura Lee Brown and Charlotte Jones Hunt.

The snake handlers say after the rodeo, the snakes are given to a research group that uses their venom to make the anti-venom that can save someone bitten by a rattlesnake.

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