Elmore Co. Deputies Investigate Two Home Invasions


By Catalina Trivino

ELMORE COUNTY, AL -- Neighbors in the Wallsboro community in Elmore County are in shock because there have been two home invasions in the last five days. Deputies believe they could be connected.

A neighbor who found one of the homeowners pistol-whipped is speaking out to us about what he says he saw as investigators search for those responsible.

The two homes aren't even two miles apart and Sheriff, Bill Franklin, says things like this don't ever happen in Elmore County, even less in Wallsboro.

Here's what he says the robbers are doing: They're knocking on doors, then forcing themselves in using guns and stealing items inside the home. And in one occasion, they assaulted one set of homeowners.

When we first met Joey Lane, he answered his door with a gun because he says he's traumatized by how he says he found his neighbors on Monday night.

"They had tied her arms behind a chair. And my wife went over there and helped her and she was just... I mean, I'm not saying she was in shock, but she may have [been] just trembling," Said Lane. "And then I turn around and he's just sitting there by his sofa and blood is everywhere. The house is tore up to pieces."

Lane is describing the home invasion that happened on Monday night on Deer Creek Road. Another happened on Williams Road on Thursday, when three robbers entered the home while the homeowners were there.

"People rushing through the door, actually taking over the scene right there, brandishing weapons. The one last night, we actually had four gentleman. Three came through the front door, the fourth one actually crashed through a back door," Said Elmore County Sheriff, Bill Franklin.

Franklin says both incidents happened between 9 and 9:30 p.m. He says the robbers are taking items of value, although he wont specify anything other then a stolen car.

It's why Elmore County deputies are riding the streets of the Wallsboro community in search of robbers.

Lane can't believe he's even carrying a gun to his mailbox. He says things like this don't happen in Wallsboro.

"I've never thought about being up here in the country and people breaking in a house. They just beat him up. I mean just... blood everywhere. There's no need for that whatsoever," Said Lane who has been checking with the homeowners fromMonday night's incident. While they're shaken up, he believes they'll be alright.

Tuesday afternoon, Elmore County deputies took four teenagers into custody as "persons of interest." Deputies are questioning them now, so no arrests have been made. They are also recovering DNA evidence from the stolen car.

The Sheriff's office is offering a $1,000 reward to find the people involved in the home invasions.

The robbers are described as three black males in their teens to early twenties.

You can call the Elmore County Sheriff's office at 514-5801 if you have a tip.

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