Fans Lash Out Against Alabama Kicker, Cade Foster


By Catalina Trivino

After Saturday's Iron Bowl upset, fans are taking to social media and turning their anger to Alabama kicker, Cade Foster, and blaming him for the university's loss after he missed three field goals.

They're sending hateful messages, even death threats -- but both Alabama and Auburn fans are coming to his defense...

Plenty of Alabama and Auburn fans are shouting down those sending backlash against Foster saying the rivalry between two of the best teams in the SEC has turned dirty. They say the comments you're about to see have gone over-board.

It's the missed field goal by Adam Griffith, after he was switched out with Cade Foster, that led to what's being called the biggest upset in SEC history... after Auburn recovered the ball.

And the touchdown by Auburn's, Chris Davis, that led to the winning game.

"It was intense. Watching it happen was kind of surreal," Said Alabama fan, Chris Dickert.

But what's also been surreal to Alabama fan, Chris Dickert, is the backlash he's seen against Cade Foster on social media.

One threat tells Foster to "drink Bleach."

Another threat talks about hurting his mother.

"And it's certainly not this one individual player's fault the game ended the way that it did. It's a team game, but it is pretty shallow of people to make threats and to make statements like that when they're not using their real name or showing their face," Said Alabama News Network Sports Analyst, John Longshore.

"We need to support them. We don't need to send death threats and things like that, I mean, that doesn't help them at all," Said Dickert, who is one of more than 75,000 people who have liked the Facebook page in support of Foster.

The Facebook page in support of Foster received more than 60,000 likes in its first 24 hours.

It's filled with fans over-flowing the page saying, "a true fan supports their team... Win or lose. Not his fault."

Even Auburn fans agree.

"It's way too far. And that's when you need to take yourself away from everything because it's a little over the top," Said Tiger fan, Trey Garner.

While those threats have shocked many, the Lee County Sheriffs office says there is good news -- the fans were ultimately well-behaved. Of about 110,000 fans there, about 15 were arrested -- one of the smallest numbers in Iron Bowl history. Most of those arrests were for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
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