One Year Later: Winter Storm 2014

If you were living in Montgomery this time last year, you can probably remember what you were doing -- whether it was at home or on the road. That's when the city shut down because of its icy conditions. But Montgomery city leaders say they've made changes to how they would deal with the cold weather today.

Lady Liberty Stops in Pike County

Lady Liberty made a stop in Troy today.

Sharia Law's Effect Takes Center Stage at Pike Co. GOP Women Meeting

A controversial constitutional amendment passed overwhelmingly at the polls this past election day. The amendment is aimed at preventing foreign laws, such as Sharia law from being used in Alabama courts.

Filling The Bus For Butler County Students

It is almost time for local students to go back to the books. Over the tax free weekend, many shoppers stocked up on back to school gear at a discounted price, but in Butler County, many people put a twist on that idea.