Former Tallassee Asst. Chief Charged With Burglary And Theft


By Catalina Trivino

New developments tonight from Tallassee -- a police department in turmoil. We have exclusive details on the city's former Assistant police chief, Chris Miles, who was arrested on charges he broke into a gas station and stole money.
That has launched a state investigation on whether he improperly used his position. Now, Tallassee's police chief and the District Attorney's office say this investigation will jeopardize several criminal cases he took part in.
Some of those cases include traffic and drug cases, but the biggest case is the one we told you about last night -- ahe case involving Stephen Conrad, who is accused of raping and molesting eight children.

Because of the investigation into Miles, 100 charges are no longer usable against Conrad. With Miles being the evidence technician at the Tallassee police department, the Elmore County District Attorney says this will now affect every case he has been involved with during his two years with the department. 

This is the mug shot of Tallassee's former Assistant Police Chief, Chris Miles, taken moments after he was arrested on charges of breaking into a Shell gas station in Shorter.
Tallassee Police Chief, Jimmy Rodgers, says Miles stole about $1,500 from the safe and has been charged with two counts of burglary and theft -- it also led to his dismissal from the police department last month and state and federal investigations on whether he improperly used his position.
"Once we found out about the original burglary case in Shorter, we began to inventory and evaluate departmental stuff such as evidence, narcotics, funds, stuff of that nature and there was a lot of inconsistencies," Said Rodgers.
Rodgers says Miles handled all incoming evidence during his last two months with the department. He says he found missing guns and drugs from the evidence vault. Rodgers says now the Alabama Bureau of Investigation is trying to confirm whether he sold any of the items that came out from that evidence vault.
"It's bad for all of us in any case that the officer has worked. We are not going to be able to proceed which means the guilty people are going to go free," Said Elmore County District Attorney, Randall Houston.
This means if Miles was involved with processing or storing any evidence. Those cases will now have to be dropped. Rodgers says it could affect about 15 cases.
"The better part of that is that those cases are going to be limited as far as what his hands have been on and how he's involved in the chain of custody on those cases because prior to that, there was another investigator who was responsible for that," Said Rodgers.
Chief Rodgers tells us since Miles' arrest, they now have two officers responsible for handling evidence,  that way one can only have access to the evidence vault with the other present.
Rodgers says the Miles investigation has also caused the department's narcotics division to halt any large drug investigations. It's now relying on state agencies to assist with those cases.
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