Greenville Police Searching For Burglars Who Broke Into Restaurant


By Catalina Trivino

Greenville Police are on the search for a group of people who they say broke into a local restaurant. The owner says they stole hundreds of dollars. And left him with thousands of dollars in damaged property.

Greenville police say a group of burglars ransacked Barbeque I-65. They say an ATM machine inside there was even broken into with what looks like a sledgehammer. Now, police need your help in finding the burglars.
The door of Barbeque I-65 is off its hinges, a safe broken into and an ATM machine picked apart -- that's what owner, Joseph Connell, says he found at his restaurant.
"Yeah, well this actually looks in pretty good shape compared to what it looked like in the morning," Said Connell. "They not only tore into it, but they had strown and thrown pieces all throughout the restaurant. It was scattered all the way through the front door."
Greenville Police say burglars broke in through the back door of the restaurant early Thursday morning. Connell says the burglars stole about $7,500 from the ATM machine inside; another $500 from his safe.
"They were successful in getting the power cut off and then at that point they had emergency lights that came on inside. And once they were inside the business, they also knocked those lights out," Said Greenville investigator, Justin Lovvorn.
Lovvorn says he believes multiple people were involved in the burglary. He says they've collected DNA evidence that could help solve the case. And until the burglars are found, Greenville police say they'll continue to patrol the streets...
"Just getting out and making contacts. Seeing if anybody has any information or anything like that," Said Greenville Police officer, Jason Pope. Alabama News Network joined him during the department's search for the suspects.
The owner says all the damages are going to cost him about $5,000. Police say the burglars could be charged with Felony Theft of Property, along with Burglary and Criminal Mischief.
Police say they need your help -- if you have any information about this case, you're asked to call the Greenville Police Department 334-382-7461.
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