High School Football Begins, Cramton Bowl Gets Extra Security


By Ashley Thompson

It's officially football season in Alabama and that means thousands of fans will flock to stadiums weekly to watch their teams play.
With a new added classification, Cramton Bowl will host even more football games and officials are working to make sure everyone has a fun but safe time.

Its football season in Alabama. And fans tell us they've been waiting for it

"I love it," says Mary Ann Norris. "I love it."

It's a time to show your school spirit and cheer on your favorite teams.

"I'm from St Louis and it's very different, its very serious here like you cannot say forget this school because somebody would really feel offended," says Savanna Simmons. "So they take football serious-- high school, college, whatever."

And because fans are serious about their football, officials want to remind everyone to be safe while attending games at Cramton Bowl. Montgomery Public School Director of Athletics Brandon Dean tells us safety is his first priority.

"We have a series of meetings almost every week about security for our Cramton Bowl games," he says. "We want to have it in place and ready to go."

In an attempt to create a safer environment at Cramton Bowl, Montgomery Public Schools has added extra security. Fans are now screened before entering the stadium. Fans will be searched by handheld metal detectors and will have all bags checked.

"These are school sponsored events so whatever happens here is just like what happens in school," Dean says. "So it's just like an extended school day."

In January, the Alabama High School Athletic Association added a new classification, 7A. And more classes means more games. Cramton Bowl will sometimes see action Thursdays through Saturdays now. Some fans tell us the added security makes them feel safer.

"If you dont do wrong, you dont mind," says David Morris.

"I feel a lot better because you never know what people may bring especially in this day and age," says Simmons.


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