Home Invasion Victims In Elmore Co. Speak Out


By Catalina Trivino

Two victims of a home invasion speak out to us exclusively about the night they thought they would die. It's the night robbers broke into their home in the Wallsboro community in Elmore County.

Ron and Regina Davis say it was a normal night at home. That's when they heard a knock at the front door, then somebody busting through this back french door window. That's when their night turned upside down.
"[I] looked through the glass, saw the young black man. [I] felt like he needed help. So I unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door about this far and said, 'may I help you?'" Said Ron Davis.
On Monday night, two robbers forced themselves inside the front door of his home. Ron says the sound of shattered glass was another robber coming through his back door.
"He had a bandana across his nose and mouth and he came in screaming with his gun and put it in my face and told me to get my face on the floor MF or he's going to kill me," Said Ron.
Ron wrestled to get the gun out of the robber's hand, but he says he was pistol-whipped to the floor, leaving his face with scratches and a gash on his head. He says they were ordered to stand behind their couch, as their house was being robbed.
"He also jerked the phone cord out of the wall and destroyed the phone system," Said Ron. "He made us sit down in our rocking chairs and put our hand behind and he tied our hands behind our back. Taped our mouths shut with scotch tape. But I thought we were going to die,"
And all they say they could do was pray.
"We were audibly praying," Said Ron. "Yes, they heard us praying. And even when I was coming out of the couch I was saying 'Jesus.' And I know that's what's brought us out of this. I know that," Said Regina.
Until what they call a miracle happened. While the robbers stole thousands of dollars in items, even their car, the Davis' say they did not steal their faith in life.
"I figured they'd be burying us on Friday. I really felt we were dead. And it gives us a deeper appreciation for the family and for life and for the Lord for intervening," Said Ron.
The Davis' say they slept well their first night at home.They say they're just thankful to be alive and it's a miracle they're still even here.
Three suspects have since been caught and are facing robbery and burglary charges. The Davis' are asking you to be careful before answering the door and to keep your doors locked.
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