How Will Bruce Pearl's Big Personality be Received by Auburn Fans?


By Ashley Thompson

Bruce Pearl has been known to be an outgoing, flamboyant and sometimes controversial coach. So how will he be received by the Auburn faithful?

''I really enjoy teaching,'' says Pearl. ''In fact I want to teach an ethics class. He [Jacobs] says coach, I'm not sure they're going to let you teach an ethics class. I really dont.''

He's been seen rapping at a Tennessee banquet and shirtless in body paint at a women's basketball game. But some fans say his personality will be good for auburn athletics.

'It'll bring it alive,' says Auburn fan Dora Pain.

And those who have covered Pearl agree. Jim Wogan is the sports director at Alabama News Networks sister station in Knoxville, Tennessee.

'Knoxville is a football town but by the power of his personality and the way he won games, Bruce Pearl took over Knoxville.'

And thats why Athletic Director Jay Jacobs says he hired Pearl, saying he is confident Pearl can fill the Auburn Arena.

''Do you not see this crowd? He absolutely can and we've already started selling season tickets and it's real exciting.''

During his 19 years of coaching college basketball, Pearl has been to the post season 18 times. And although his personality is big, he says at Auburn he may be a little more reserved.

''This used to be the incredible bulk. I'm not sure what I'd call it now so chances are I'm going to keep my clothes on most of the time. I can tell you that.

Pearl also talked about how remorseful he was and still is about how things at Tennessee turned out and he says it is by the grace of God that he is now in Auburn.
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