Humane Society Sees Increase In Stray Animals In Montgomery


By Catalina Trivino

If you're driving in Montgomery and notice more stray dogs, you may be right -- the Montgomery County Humane Society says it's seeing an increase of stray animals coming into its shelter during the last few months -- and the number of mistreated and malnourished animals is rising...

150 of 225 cats and dogs at the Montgomery County Humane Shelter are strays and the shelter is seeing an even bigger increase of those needing medical attention. The Humane Society says the problem is because animals are being dumped on Montgomery's roadways.

Just like any other puppy, Lex loves playing with toys. He's also a big fan of Easy Cheese.

Veterinarian, Dr. Neil Westbrook, says Lex is a stray -- found walking around with a broken leg for at least a month, starved.

"I've seen dozens of them... puppies just like this, adult dogs, that have no food or water, [that] are living skeletons," Said Westbrook.

The Montgomery County Humane Shelter says he's a part of an even bigger problem in Montgomery. They say during the last several months, they've seen more animals being dumped on the streets and they're seeing a 15 percent increase of stray animals that are injured or sick coming into the shelter.

The shelter says most strays are being found on the west side of Montgomery. They've found up to 17 dogs on one of those streets just in a day.

And like Lex, they all hope to find their forever home.

"Some of them have to have legs amputated, some of them have to have their eyes removed depends on everything and people know, that own a dog and love their pets, how expensive... it is not cheap these days," Said Lea Turburt with the Montgomery Humane Society.

The Montgomery County Humane Shelter says they're struggling to make ends meet because there are so many animals coming in, like Lex, who need medical help, so if you'd like to help you can donate online at

The Montgomery County Humane society says if  you see a stray ... Or can no longer take care of your pet, call the shelter at 334- 409-0622

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