Elmore Co. Deputies Search For Armed Robbers, Who Sprayed Clerks.


By Catalina Trivino

Elmore County deputies are searching for four people they say robbed a gas station in Wallsboro. One of the clerks who was robbed speaks out only to us about what happened and we also have surveillance video you'll only see here.

We spoke to one of the employees who says he was robbed and he tells us as the robbery was taking place, it felt almost like he was in a nightmare. But what you'll see in this surveilance video is all too real.

This is exclusive surveillance video. You see one man jump the counter holding a gun, then two others follow behind him. Investigators say a fourth robber pepper-sprayed both of the clerks. He even beat one of them with a sign.

Linder Santos Andres was one of the clerks working at the time of the crime. He's from Guatemala and spoke little English, so reporter, Catalina Trivino, spoke to him in Spanish. (Conversation is translated.)

"How scary was it?" asked Trivino.

"I thought they were going to kill me or that I did something or I don't know. But I asked them, 'why are you doing this to me?' After a minute or two passed is when a realized what was happening... and I told myself, 'this is an assault,'" Said Andres.

Investigators say the robbers stole all the money in the cash register and several cartons of Newport cigarettes -- the robbery happened in less than five minutes.

"Talk about what happened?" Asked Trivino.

"They asked me for key to the safe. That's what he wanted," Said Andres. "Then we told him we don't have the key. And he pointed the gun at me and asked me again if I had the key. I said 'no', I screamed 'no.'"

Investigator, Liutenant Chris Ogden, believes the robbers could be in the Elmore County area.

"It appears just from investigating the crime scene that the suspects knew the area just based on some of the things that were uncovered during the initial investigation," Said Ogden.

If you have a tip, call The Elmore County Sheriff's office 514-5801.

Investigators say they believe each of the suspects are at least 15 years old... And could be up to their early twenties.

Suspect # 1:

-Black "Trukfit" hoodie

-White handkerchief

-Blue Jeans with light colored back pockets

-White Nikes with a dark colored Nike swoosh

-Armed with a chrome revolver.


Suspect #2:

-Dark (possibly brown) zip up style hoodie

-Black shirt

-White "Tomco" ball cap with a bright blue or purplish bill

-Khaki long pants

-Retro style Nike Air Jordan's


Suspect #3:

-Black Chicago Bulls ball cap with red writing on the back and a sticker still on the bill of the cap.

-Dark blue or black sweat shirt.

-Dark colored shorts, possibly blue jean shorts with a tear or patched area on the left thigh.

-Blue belt with a white stripe in the middle. Appears to be cloth-like material.

-White handkerchief.

-Black shoes with white bottoms.


Suspect #4:

-Black or green Nike hoodie.

-Black or green Nike shorts with a white Nike swoosh on the left thigh and a gray stripe down the side.

-Red handkerchief.

-Black shoes.

-Armed with mace.

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