Jericho March Makes It's Way Around Capitol


By Alabama News Network

Civil rights activists will be marching around the capitol for the next seven days.

They're calling it a Jericho march.
It's not just in Alabama's capitol. There are groups in other states across the southeast participating as well. 
Marchers made their way around the capitol building and the state house, singing about civil rights in our state. 
This is only the first day of the march.
Organizers are taking biblical inspiration from Joshua bringing down the walls of Jericho.
"And the walls came tumbling down and they were able to get to the promised land. So what we want to do at this time, our promised land is healthcare for these hundreds of thousands of people who don't have it," said State Senator Hank Sanders.
But it's not just healthcare.
Each day will feature a different issue, leading up to voting rights.
One marcher remembers being with Dr. Martin Luther King, and says the time to fight is now. 
"After we got the voting rights act and the civil rights act, we kind of dropped the ball. I wouldn't say we kind of, we dropped the ball. We got comfortable and laid back. Now we're paying the price for it," said Annie Avery. 
Those marching in Alabama's capitol are joined across the southeast by marchers in Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia.
Sen. Sanders says many of the problems in the state come from the governor and lawmakers. 
"So it's really an act of faith. And I know that people believe the only kind of power is money power, position power, all of those kinds of power. But this is moral power so it's an act of faith."
Participants will be making their rounds of the capitol each day at 3 o'clock through next Thursday.
That day marks the 51st anniversary of the March On Washington where Dr. King delivered his famous "I have a dream" speach.
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