Keeping Your Small Business Safe From Robbery


By Amanda Wade

After the robbery at Greenville's Papa John's, local business owners are talking about how to protect themselves.

Lights, Camera, Protection.

That is what many business owners in Greenville say they are arming themselves with. Mary McKinley owns High Horse Gallery. She says she has several cameras around the store; Some you can see, while others are hidden.

She says she got a recommendation on which cameras to purchase and bought them herself from Sam's Club, "Very inexpensively, and I had them installed. Professionally installed. I would say that if you really wanted to get cameras, that you could probably get into it with installation and everything under $1,000."

Greenville police say having cameras around a business makes it easier to catch criminals after a burglary or robbery. They say even being able to determine a silhouette can lead to catching a burglar.

Lt. Joseph Disney, a Greenville Police Investigator, says cameras can also stop crime before it even starts, "Make sure some of them are visible. Make sure anyone that's got an idea of robbing you knows that cameras are there and that they're going to be on video."

Investigators add putting up signs that let criminals know you do not keep money on hand, or making them aware of your security system can keep your business safe.

If cameras are not an option, business owners say keeping your business well lit inside and out is helpful.

Investigators also say if a business has a silent alarm, they are usually able to catch people right away when a crime happens.

The Greenville Papa John's employee we spoke with did not know if the company would be installing security cameras because of the robbery. 

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