Lee High Schoolers Stay Home After Threat, Despite Extra Security


By Catalina Trivino

Extra security could be found at Robert E. Lee High School today after a message was found last week that had a warning for students attending class today. That has some students telling us they are afraid to go to school.

It's after school hours now, but even during school hours , the student parking lot behind Lee High School did not look like it usually does on a Monday. Instead, it was bare -- after a warning was found in the school bathrooms threatening students' safety for those who came today. And some parents say keeping their children home was the right decision.

Threatening messages inside the girls and boys bathroom at Lee High School reads, "I advise all students to not come to school on November 18. I will destroy all of my enemies on that day" -- it's why Lee high school parent, Joel Gudino, and his children spent the day at home.

"I won't take a risk or if something happened to [the] kids, you know, so [there are] plenty of kids going to the school, so all [the] parents... they're going to be in the same situation," Said Gudino.

It's a situation that can be seen in this photo -- it's the parking lot for Lee's juniors and seniors nearly bare. And school sources tell us about 70 percent of students stayed away, despite the extra security. We spotted several officers making rounds around campus and police cyclists watching the entrances.

Shawn Streety says the heightened security is still not enough for him to send his son to school.

"It's not one of those things that you want to worry about while you're at work. And so far, as me letting him go into that school on a situation like this, just like you were saying, all the security around there -- there was just no way I was going to do it," Said Streety.

And students say they weren't willing to take the chance either.

"If I was a parent I wouldn't let them go to school because I would be scared about like what if they did come in the school and start shooting people and stuff?" Said ninth grader, Selena Gudino.

"We just didn't want to take that risk because you never know what's going to happen," Said tenth grader,  Daisy Gudino.

Both the Gudino and Streety families tell us they're still not sure if they'll send their children to school tomorrow.

Montgomery Public School officials want to assure parents they will continue to have this extra security until they find the person who wrote the threat.

School system leaders and Montgomery police will meet with Lee High School parents Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the school's auditorium to discuss their investigation into the threat.

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