Litter Problem On County Roads


By Amanda Wade

Litter is becoming a big problem on some roadsides in Butler County. It could even hurt the real estate market.

The Butler County Sheriff says littering is a big problem, and catching people throwing trash on the sides of roads is difficult. He says deputies are even going through dumped garbage to find addresses and track people down who are trashing the roads.

Trash covers parts of Holly Hill Road in Butler County.  Residents like Betty Greer say they pick up litter off the sides of their roads every three to four days, trying to keep their yards clean, "Most of the residents are very good about getting out there and cleaning up their area, but you can't stay ahead of them because they can throw it out faster than you can pick it up," says Greer.

And faster than even the county can handle. The Sheriff says they send out inmates to clean the roads, but with 500 miles to pick up, they can't get to every road each week, "We pick up several tons a year of trash on the road way. And you take like this road here, it gets picked up quite often but as you can see, that everybody that comes through here is wanting to throw stuff out," says Sheriff Kenny Harden.

For real estate agents in the area, that garbage is posing a problem when taking out clients to see a house, "When we get somebody coming into town from a different area and we start driving around showing them properties, it's sort of disheartening when you have trash along the sides of the roads. You're trying to encourage them about moving to the area and it just doesn't look good for our community," says Glenn Cooper, owner of First Realty of Greenville. 

The sheriff says there will be a volunteer trash pick up program starting in April, when you can get bags from the county to help clean the roads. They say when the bags are full, you can leave them on the side of the road and the county will pick them up.
Sheriff Harden also tells us when they find an area where people are dumping trash, they set video cameras up to try and catch the culprits. They have already made arrests. He also says a ticket for littering can cost up to $500.

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