Many Confused About New Voting Districts


By Alabama News Network

With this being an election year, campaign ads have flooded the airwaves. 

But new district lines may leave you confused when you hit the polls.
The districts for the Alabama State House have been redrawn since the last census to account for population changes.
And after talking with people in town, it looks like a lot of people still don't know about the changes.
If you look at the maps side by side, you can see that the voting districts for the house of representatives and the state senate will be very different in 2014.
When we zoom in on Montgomery, you'll notice that not only have the borders changed, one district isn't even there. District 73, currently represented by Joe Hubbard, is no longer in Montgomery.
Voter Roderick Osborne will no longer be casting a ballot in District 76, the race for Thad Mcclammy's seat. He's now in District 69 and had no idea.
"It's surprising to me, not knowing about the districts and the changes. I'll just have to readjust to it, make sure everything is right. Do all your research before you go out and vote," said Osborne.
Rebecca Teague knew the lines had shifted, but she didn't know by how much. But she says it's time for a change.
"Our population has shifted so greatly over the last few years. So it was being unfair to some people and some of the representatives and senators had stayed and had more power," said Teague.
But the lines still might not be fair to every candidate. The republican supermajority redrew the lines and political analyst Steve Flowers says it could lead to an even stronger republican party in Alabama. 
"The party that's in power draws the lines to enhance their representation, to solidify and enhance it. That was the case in Alabama this past time. Having said that, what it does is makes very very few contested open partisan seats," said Flowers. 
The June 3rd primary will be the first time the districts go into effect. 
You can see if your district has changed by clicking here.
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