Montgomery Children Say Self Defense Is For All Ages


By Catalina Trivino

CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery are taking action against crime -- it's a situation no parent wants to think about: their child being attacked, abducted, even molested. But tonight, some Montgomery kids are getting a life lesson on how to protect themselves incase that ever happens.

You hear about these stories where a child is abused. Sometimes it's from an adult they trust and care about. Sometimes it's a stranger.

But some Montgomery self-defense students say they've got the skills to protect themselves.
No matter how old they are.

Mali Saul is 9 years old. While she's only going into the fourth grade, she also knows how to fight off an attacker.

"I mean, it doesn't matter how old you are. You can be 12 or 3 or 4 years old or something and anybody can just come into your house and attack you," Said Saul.

Like she says, it's never too early to learn...

You won't want to mess with the four year olds either. They know more moves than you think.

Altogether, students at Montgomery's Family Karate Center are learning how to get away from someone trying to hurt them.

Teacher, Carol Smith, says the self defense tactics and knowlege these kids are learning is invaluable.

"'I have a little yellow kitty out there that's very hurt out there... I think it got hit by a car. Can you help me?'" Said Smith as she mimicked what a perpetrator could tell a child.

The children responded with arms out, hands open: "Stranger! This is not my parent!"

And being vocal is exactly what Smith and law enforcement recommend kids to be...

"If a person comes to you and you don't know them, they're a stranger to you. And so you want to run away, you want to yell you want to make some noise," Said Cpl. Kofee Anderson with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

A lot of noise that for some kids could save a life....

"Somebody can just jump over you and and put you in their car or something you never know," Said Saul.

"But you're not going to let it be you?" Asked reporter, Catalina Trivino.

"No. I'll make sure that it won't be me," Said Saul.

Both Smith and Sheriff's deputies say these moves are taught to be used as a last resort. They're advising kids to run, hide, and then fight in that order.

And to kick off the school year, the Family Karate Center is offering a free week of self defense class for anyone (it doesn't matter how old you are).

You can contact them at 334-220-9319.

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